Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Liquid Brain Storm

Hey! We're back. At least for today, at least for this entry. Will it continue? Don't know. I'm not putting any expectations on this thing anymore. It's now an organic continuum. Feel free to read any meaning you'd like into that phrase.

I'm a believer. If you need to kick start the creative process, head down to your local tavern with at least one like-minded person and have a beer. Or two. Two is better. It's truly the best way to get your juices flowing. The alcohol loosens you up, the atmosphere pulls you out of yourself, and the company keeps the dialogue moving.

Don't believe me? Try it. At worst you'll get no results.* At best you'll solve whatever issues are pressing at you. And if nothing else you'll have fun supporting the economy.

*There are actually far worse potential endings than simply not getting any results. You could wind up quarantined in the bar after a fellow patron begins exhibiting symptoms of some heretofore unknown super-virus, forced to eat nothing but peanuts and blooming onions for an untold number of days, ultimately leaving the bar not of your own volition but as a result of your untimely, horrific demise. But this is fairly unlikely.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Positivity Wrapped Up

Hello followers, thanks for sticking around, we have truly appreciated your support throughout the year. I cannot believe it's now 2010 and that we've managed to complete this experiment to it's fullest. I've never typed this much in my life. I can say that I was only happy with about 60% of my entries which I know is not very positive. But, I'm aware I am not a stellar writer and this brought that more to the surface for me. I prefer to write in fragments, brief thoughts, and poetic verse.

This blog has traveled with me through the start of my photography career, losing my job, nine months of unemployment, my medical assistant pursuit, to my now teaching aspirations, to my new job in day-care, to my beautiful wedding engagement. 2009 couldn't have been more life alternating for me and now I have it completely documented. I've kept up journal writing through most of my younger years and this process has been very therapeutic in that same regard. I feel I know myself better. I feel more confident in my own skin. I think this experiment effected me more deeply than Jason, just because I was writing during such life changing times. I became a stronger person when I was unemployed and got to explore all my passions. I did love and appreciate this experience. I know now that I need calming devises around me when my life gets tense and stressful. Exercise, music, films, and my favorite foods to name a few. I feel more positive, I really do. Whenever I sense Jason getting negative, I catch myself getting negative with him. I don't like when I do this and I'm glad I'm immediately aware of it, so I usually find myself stepping out of the situation and concentrating on the positive.

Top big projects that we need to stay positive about are selling the Towson House, affording all the bills including our two mortgages, getting my teaching certificate and becoming a teacher, getting the city house finished, getting my photography career moving and shaking again, and getting a wedding plans together. We have each other to get through these tough projects. We can achieve anything together.

Things I think of when times get me down: My loving mom and dad, my sister and Allen, and their wonderful growing boys, Kaiden and Blake. My grandmom, who needs positivity more than ever. My new dreams of helping and teaching children achieve and grow. Cooking delicious food with my wonderful fiance, Jason. My new loving family- Jan, David, Steph, John, Lou, Karin, Grandpa, and Jackson. And all of our other family members and friends. Starting a new garden next Spring. Starting any new project with Jason. Finishing our city home together. Being a bride walking down the aisle to my beautiful, kind, heartfelt soon to be husband, Jason.

I love you dear, we can move mountains together. I hope all your writing dreams come true. I believe in you- Stay Positive!