Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Liquid Brain Storm

Hey! We're back. At least for today, at least for this entry. Will it continue? Don't know. I'm not putting any expectations on this thing anymore. It's now an organic continuum. Feel free to read any meaning you'd like into that phrase.

I'm a believer. If you need to kick start the creative process, head down to your local tavern with at least one like-minded person and have a beer. Or two. Two is better. It's truly the best way to get your juices flowing. The alcohol loosens you up, the atmosphere pulls you out of yourself, and the company keeps the dialogue moving.

Don't believe me? Try it. At worst you'll get no results.* At best you'll solve whatever issues are pressing at you. And if nothing else you'll have fun supporting the economy.

*There are actually far worse potential endings than simply not getting any results. You could wind up quarantined in the bar after a fellow patron begins exhibiting symptoms of some heretofore unknown super-virus, forced to eat nothing but peanuts and blooming onions for an untold number of days, ultimately leaving the bar not of your own volition but as a result of your untimely, horrific demise. But this is fairly unlikely.

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