Sunday, December 20, 2009

After That Last Post the Rest of the Year Seems a Little Silly

I think I'm going to be hard pressed to top my last entry, so I'm not going to try. Ever. This is a quick entry focused on playing things correctly. Simple decisions can have large consequences. We were scheduled to fly out to Florida yesterday at 3PM. Right when the "large snow event" (apparently it wasn't rated as a blizzard) of 2009 was at its peak. Knowing it was coming Friday, we had make the choice whether to reschedule our flight for Sunday morning, at no cost. It meant getting up uncomfortably early, but the alternative seemed far worse. And, as we expected BWI cancelled most flights on Saturday and ultimately shut down entirely.

Come Sunday morning the airport reopened, and the shoveling I did the day before paid off. It was relatively easy to get our car out, get to the airport, and get out of Dodge. What could have been a really painful trip, spent frittering away hours in a locked down airport ended up being a fun, snowed-in Saturday and a smooth, uneventful Sunday flight.

There were also other fringe benefits to being snowed in Saturday, but I'll refer to my last entry for the details.

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