Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Nice Climactic Surprise

Most of you know that Kate and I flew out Sunday morning for Florida at the end of the "Large Snow Event" of 2009. It took a lot of shoveling to make sure that one of our cars was free of snow and accessible for the trip to the airport. In the process of digging out one car, I worsened things for the second, which happened to be parked directly behind the first, moving snow from the one onto the other. Really for lack of any place better or more easily accessible to put it. By the end of my efforts and the work of Baltimore City's snow plows, Kate's truck was buried under and fenced in by at least two and a half feet of snow.

So we got out and had a great time in Florida. But hanging over my head the whole time was the knowledge (I thought) that once we got back to Baltimore I'd have to dig the truck out of what at that point, through partial thaws and refreezes, would be at least two feet of heavy ice. But I wasn't following Baltimore weather (mostly because I was enjoying the 70 degree days Greater Tampa had to offer.)

Had I been following I wouldn't have been as surprised as I was when we got home from the airport, afraid that we might not even find a dug-out parking space, to find nearly all of the snow from the previous weekend melted and gone. Parking wasn't a problem, and by mid-day today, Kate's truck was completely devoid of snow. Mother Nature, in a week, had taken care of for me what I'd imagined was going to be a torturous job. It was a great way to cap off a great trip.

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