Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rat Terriers

I'm not a dog person, but I do have a short list of dogs I'd own if I were ever forcibly in that position. And this week I've met a new breed that gets bumped up to the top. Kerri and Allen's new dog Single is a Rat Terrier, and has the best temperament I've ever seen on a dog. You take her outside and she runs around and plays. She'll wrestle with the kids one moment but then plop down in your lap the next. She seems to have everything I'd want in a dog; loyalty, train-ability, the ability to lounge around with her, without everything I dislike. She only barely has that "dog smell", even unbathed, almost never barks, and while she does get excited and have fun, she doesn't seem to have a "hyper" mode.

I thought maybe some of Single's characteristics owed to her age more than her breed, but so far my research this morning points squarely toward the latter. Everything I've observed about Single matches the descriptions of the breed, and that's exciting, pointing to the fact that Single isn't a "single" at all, but a good representative of our future Rat Terrier, if we were to ever find ourselves forcibly in that position.

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