Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids are the Best

It's been so great getting to know my nephews, Kaiden and Blake again. Every time I see them they are so different and more grown up. It's truly amazing how fast they grow. They make me realize more and more that I really fascinated by that age group. I think I'm set on wanting to teach Pre K to 3rd grade. I like when they're young and like to play a lot. I can really tell that my new job is helping me interact and play with my nephews. I think I'm starting to know and understand young minds better. It's just wonderful sharing this quality time with them. They really love playing with Jason and I too.

We went to Kaiden's class Christmas Party today. I got to watch the teachers in action and witness a young classroom environment. It was very insightful and looked like something I could really do and enjoy.

Kaiden and Blake, you are two awesome little boys and I'm so happy to be here to get to spend Christmas with you all.

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