Saturday, December 19, 2009


We're nearly done with the year, and with 350-some entries under my belt I haven't written about one of the most positive things in my life. Kate. I mean, I've written about things about her; her photo career, her fashion sense, her family, but I've never written about just her.

Kate has been one of the greatest things to come into my life. She brings out more good in me than I ever knew was there. She's opened up places in my heart that had been dark for a long time. She's made me see just what a relationship can be. Open and fun, without reservation or hesitation. She's given me a broader understanding and experience of love than I've ever had before. She's helped bring me out of myself, and I've become a more social person as a result. She's made me see that jealousy and distrust are not inevitable parts of a long term relationship, as was previously my experience (it wasn't on my end of the relationship, but it only takes one to spoil the group.) She's shown me that trust, while it's something that's earned, must also be given, and I feel like we've both done that for each other.

But more than anything, she's brought me happiness. And in a world where more things seem to go wrong than right, having at least your basic happiness taken care of is worth its weight in gold.

And that's why I wrote this entry. To lock my happiness in.

And that's why I'm getting down on one knee and saying...

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