Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting Excited

Anyone that knows me will know that this is my normal operating procedure, and will probably chuckle under their breath. What can you do about it? I am how I am, and I'm getting really excited about the soap making business. Have I made any soap? No. Do I know at all whether I'll enjoy the process? No. Have I sketched out a five-tier, multifaceted marketing plan, including web, Etsy and craft show presences featuring a constantly expanding product line? Of course! Our horse can't even see the cart anymore, it's so far out in front! But that's the fun of all this. The planning. The devising. The scheming. I can only hope that the doing of the plans and the living of the schemes is just as much fun.

My post yesterday garnered a comment from one member of a husband and wife team that sell hand-made soap, lotions, scrubs, candles, scents and more under the moniker Ten Digit Creations. He or she wanted to make sure we'd done our research and were aware of the risks Lye posed. Thanks for you concern, 10DC. We have done a good bit of reading and feel pretty confident to give it a try.

After reading the comment I took a look at the 10DC website. That's when I really started getting excited. This husband / wife pair was doing a lot of what I'd been thinking about, in terms of product design and description. I was thoroughly impressed with the site and with their business model. What they're able to do, just the two of them (she makes the candles and scent-oriented products while he makes the soap) is really commendable. I'd love to approach this business from the same angle and hopefully be successful.

Now we just need to start making soap. Step one, followed immediately by Step 76.

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