Monday, September 14, 2009

Sushi, Sushi

I really enjoy good quality sushi. I love how fresh it tastes and it never seems to make me feel gross no matter how much I eat. I love rolls with eel and eel sauce, spicy scallop rolls, tuna rolls, lump crab meat and avocado rolls, and so much more. I really will try any roll and most of the time really enjoy it. I like nigiri a lot too. It's just a wonderful break from normal American fair. I also really enjoy the salads, tempura, edamame, and miso soups you get at Japanese restaurants. Yummmm...

I recommend the new place we checked out for my birthday Joss Cafe Sushi Bar, it's a popular sushi place out of Annapolis and recently opened a location on Charles St. in Baltimore.

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