Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OC's Boardwalk

Ocean City's boardwalk is it's best feature. You really don't need to leave the area; everything you would like to eat, drink, or shop for is right at your disposal, especially if you're staying at a beachfront hotel. Walking the boardwalk can be very relaxing and can be a great source of exercise whether you're biking it, walking it, or jogging it. You can also rent cute bike buggies that you can ride with your friends or family. It's also great for people watching. It's clean with beautiful scenery. It's especially nice this time of the season when most folks are back to work and school, so the beach and boardwalk is a lot less crowded. I've had a very nice time at Ocean City and I'm not looking forward returning to my new career challenges. Thanks Lou and Karin for this wonderful break at a gorgeous location.

1 comment:

  1. are you staying on the boardwalk, we use to always stay on the boardwalk, which was really a lot of fun just watching the people walk by
    love ya