Sunday, September 20, 2009

Power Tools

(Imagine your best Tim Allen impersonation throughout this entry.)

I'm not usually one to get all stereotypical "guy"-like, but man I love to buy new power tools. Even if they're just replacements for older, non-functional tools I already own. Like Friday. I did some research on Consumer Reports at work at the end of the day, drove to Lowes and bought a new power miter saw. My old saw still works, but the angles are completely out of whack, and seemingly nonadjustable. I've used it recently, to the detriment of my projects. So for all practical purposes, it's dead.

Yesterday I cracked out the new one, which, by the way comes equipped with a laser! I was cutting wood to build molds for our soap projects. What a difference the new saw made! It made clean cuts at, what a novelty, perfect right angles. I was disappointed to learn that the laser is for guidance purposes only, and doesn't actually do the cutting.* Ah well. My next saw will bladeless, and will cut wood with the power of the mind.

So yeah. As humans, there's certain purchase classes that get our blood pumping especially hard. It's different for everyone. Kate gets juiced over clothing and skin care products. My kryptonite is books, electronics, and power tools.

And I don't even use the tools that often. I just like to have them.

*I didn't actually think the laser would do the cutting. My right to use power tools would be revoked if I'd truly entertained that notion. But a guy can dream.

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