Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life's Multi-Tasking

I just got finished reading Jason's entry for today and it made me think about how I enjoy day-to-day life activity shortcuts, such as grabbing anything that needs to go downstairs before you start your way down or doing the dishes real fast as you microwave your tea in the morning. I guess instead of life's shortcuts this is called a woman's way of multi-tasking. I've taken up more and more of these multi-tasking habits since the beginning of my unemployment. It's great to get quick chores done while waiting for another task to complete. Now that I'm working part-time it's great to come home to an empty sink and clean clothes. I'm really getting those motherly attributes, it's especially nice to have these abilities before kids even come into your life. These tricks give you more time to relax and have some quality "me" time. Oh, and I can hang with Jason more too. Hey Jason, don't these short-cuts seem fun too?!!

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