Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love Food Network

Food Network is definitively one of my favorite networks. It just puts me in a good mood as soon as I put it on. I love watching people make delicious food as they tell me in great detail how to make it myself. So many of my best dishes have been inspired by recipes from their website and shows. They have great personalities. One of my favorite chefs is Paula Deen. Her food might be rich, but who can resist it's yummy-ness. Then there's The Barefoot Contessa. I love her mellow personality and her food is to die for. Finally there's the food genius, Alton Brown who has the ability to put anyone in a trance during his food rants. Jason has a huge crush on Giada de Laurentiis and it's true that her sultry stature would make anyone drool a bit, but she is also an amazing chef and a wonderful teacher. I'm also enjoying shows like the locally produced Ace of Cakes and the Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin.

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