Saturday, October 3, 2009

Autumn, AKA Fall, AKA The Best Season Going

I wrote an entry back in March about the change of the seasons. About how nice it was to have the drastic shifts we do here on the East Coast because they always give you something to look forward to. I'll add to that by saying that the season I look forward to the most is Fall.

I love nearly everything about it. The shifting colors of the leaves. The perfect, temperate daytime temperatures and the slightly brisk evenings (and the resultant relief from hot summer days.) The coming promise of another holiday season. The perceived slowdown in the pace of life. The end to garden work, yard work, weeding and mowing. The start of the new television season. The ability to sit outside and read a book during the day on the weekend and not sweat or freeze your giblets off.

There's a lot to love, and I list it all in my upcoming best-seller, All the Things I Love, Why I Love Them, and Why You Should Care, chapter 276.

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