Friday, October 16, 2009

The Only Thing Better Than Good Chinese Food

The only thing better than good Chinese food is good bad chinese food. You know the kind of chow (mein) I'm talking about. That greasy, over-salted, Americanized bastardization of Chinese cuisine you only get from spartanly-decorated, linoleum clad carry-out joints where English is generally spoken unidirectionally and the open areas of the lobby are filled with spill-over soda pallets. It's the kind of food that, due to its high MSG and fat content, must be eaten quickly and voraciously, for fear that someone may steal it from you. And the faster you eat it, the less likely your arteries will notice the blockages quickly piling up.

It is so good, or as the say on the mainland, "You want sauce?"

P.S. This is post 601 for the year. Crazy!

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