Friday, October 30, 2009

Slick File Service

I've been looking for a good way to send large digital files to people, i.e. music to my sister, and I think I found a good, reliable, free service. let's you email as many 100Mb or less files to as many people as you want, as often as you want. It's easy to use, seamless and quick. I'm a big fan, now.

I discovered it a few days ago when I got a email from one of our vendors at work. He's a composer, and he uses Yousendit to email his large audio files to clients. It worked well, so I filed it away in case I needed it. Tonight was the perfect test opportunity. Kate took a bunch of pictures of the house for our real estate agent to use in advertisements, and the final file size for the bunch was 120 megs. Far too big to send via standard email unless I tediously sent each of the 35 photos in their own individual email. So I split the photos into two ZIP files, each smaller than the 100Mb limit and set them through Yousendit. Worked like a charm. The upload from my system to the Yousendit server was fast, and I already know from my experience with our composer that downloading is pretty quick.

Overall it's a good service for a freebie, and if you need to you can upgrade your account to a payed tier, which lets you email up to 2GB files! Nicely played,

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