Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Sister, The Mother

We got to spend time with my Dad, Stepmom, Sister and Nephew this weekend, which was a really nice break from...not spending time with them. Watching my sister with my nephew Jackson I'm so impressed at how successfully she's transitioned into motherhood. It just seems natural for her. Jackson hasn't made things easy for her and John but they've handled everything in stride and probably come out as stronger, better parents for it.

Jackson is a lucky kid to have two such devoted parents, and a mom that obviously loves him more than this blog entry could ever capture. Keep up the good work, Bloom.

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  1. Awww, Bloom...that's so sweet, I almost threw up a little in my mouth!! Just kidding (about the throwing up part not the being sweet part)! It's funny, just before I read this blog entry, I was thinking about how much fun it was watching you be an uncle on Sunday. When you started speaking "Wookie-ese" Jackson gave you a look that said, "Finally, somebody gets me and understands what I've been trying to say!". I really appreciate the shout-out b/c this has been the hardest job that I have ever had and it's nice to be acknowledged for it...especially from one of my most fav people in the world! I love you!!