Friday, October 23, 2009

Mildly Blah is Fine As Long As It's Not Getting Any Worse

Monday I started feeling a tad under the weather. Just a sore throat. Then Tuesday I came home feeling mildly feverish. I was. I had a temp of a 100. Not very high, but just enough to make me a little achy, dry out my eyes and run me down. I was nervous because the next day I'd worked out with Renegade to work a night shift so that I could spend all morning and afternoon at Stevenson Ln. I took two Excedrin and the fever broke. The next day I was fine.

Two days later I still have the mild sore throat, but that's it, and things don't show any signs of worsening. For me, this is generally as sick as I ever get. Sometimes a runny nose, sometimes a cough, and always the sore throat, but that's it.

So I count my blessings. I could have Ebola.

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  1. except that one summer when you were sick for 2mos