Monday, October 5, 2009

Baltimore Rock Opera Society

The Citypaper just wrote a feature article on a group that neither Kate nor I knew existed, but are now pretty jazzed about. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is a group of musicians, artists and theater people that have banded together to create great, if not tongue-in-cheek rock opera masterpieces in the vein of Tommy, Quadraphenia, Jesus Christ Superstar and more.

The opening presentation of their debut piece, Gründlehämmer was this weekend. Unfortunately we only learned about it this week, and already had plans for the weekend. We'd have been there in a heartbeat, otherwise. It turns out their performance space is a church about eight blocks from us. If and when they put on more performances we'll be sure to buy tickets. Here's the description of Gründlehämmer from the BROS website.

Gründlehämmer takes place in the mythical land of Brotopia, a once prosperous agrarian Kingdom where the melody of an electric guitar wields power enough to tend a field of crops, to heal the sick, or to smite an enemy. The great farming musicians of Brotopia have become disgraced under leadership of the tyrannical Dark King, Lothario. With the aid of the Royal Guard, Lothario has oppressed his citizens, confiscated the powerful instruments that gave voice to their music, and formed an alliance with an immortal cave-dwelling monster, the Gründle. While most Brojans live their lives in fear, an innocent young boy of great talent is coming of age in a tiny hamlet on the outskirts of the Kingdom. His tremendous skills on the guitar bring hope to the tiny farming village and spark the flames of resistance in those that can still remember TRUE ROCK. Will this young boy cast off his innocence to claim the Gründlehämmer? Will the Dark King release his iron grip on the lifeblood of Brotopia? Join the Brojans in their struggle to reclaim the power of Rock and Roll. GRÜNDLEHÄMMER!!!!

If you're interested you can find the BROS site at

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