Monday, October 19, 2009

Much To My Neighbors' Unknowing Relief

It's an extremely positive situation for our neighbor, or neighbor's real estate agent or the home owner's association representative or whoever it was that reported us to the county that there is no cosmic system for retribution, no karmic spider waiting around the corner. If there was, he or she would be in for a doozy of a payback, having pulled their pendulum far into the deficit region. And right now I'd wish it on them, so I'm glad that the universe didn't notice our stupid little transaction.

I'm glad that there won't be any cosmic comeuppance because ultimately I know that people are often narrow-minded, and do stupid things to each other without considering the full consequences of their actions. That doesn't make them bad people. Just people. And we all do it, some more often than others, I'm sure, but still we all take a share of the guilt occasionally.

And one day some other person will do something short-sighted and mildly-vindictive to them, and make their lives more difficult than they really should be. And it won't be because of some metaphysical balance sheet. Crappy things just happen sometimes. To me. To you.

And to know who you are.

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