Friday, October 23, 2009

Underlying Beauty in Us All

Beauty has such a deep meaning to me. Beauty is not just a person's exterior, it's how compassionate and loving you are on the inside that really signifies how beautiful you truly are. I feel there is some sense of beauty in everyone, not just from their appearance, but from the kind of person they are in front of others. Opening the door for someone is beautiful. Helping your neighbor with her groceries is beautiful. Having patience with children or the elderly is beautiful. I want to feel good about my next career and I want to do this by being helpful and kind to people for a living. I really wish there was more beauty in the world.

Today I was driving around running errands and I noticed how awfully selfish people are to other driver's, it's like they are the only one's that matter. Most of the time it takes seconds to be kinder to people, such as allowing someone to turn in front of you or letting someone in front of you if they're trying to turn. Seconds is all it takes, why people can't spare seconds is beyond me. I hope and wish for humankind to become more compassionate and patient, leading to a beautifully striving nation.

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