Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Act of Writing it Down

I love when I first crack open a new notebook. When it's a nice decorative one from Barnes and Noble even better, but really it doesn't matter what it looks like. Writing down thoughts, lists, ideas, whatever it may be keeps me focused. I go through notebooks so fast, which I know is wasteful. I would try to use every back and front page and try my hardest to write smaller, but it's hard for me. I write whatever way that comes naturally to me at the time. I'm about to run out of pages in my current notebook, so I will need to purchase a new one. They've been a real help when going through client photos these days.

I know most people have resorted to using computers or phones for keeping lists, but for me there's just something more helpful and concrete for me when I physically write it down. I would like to start keeping separate notebooks for all the things going on in my life such as one for daily reminders like groceries and then one for jotting down photo client details.

The more organized I am the better I feel, first I need a new notebook. Lately I've been finding cheap, cool ones in the bargain aisle at Barnes. I'll drop by there tomorrow.

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