Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keep the Energy Alive

Okay so I was a little tipsy when I thought of this blog subject today, so at the time it sounded brilliant. Well I'll just give it to you and you can come up with your own opinion:

You have to continue to 'keep the energy alive'. Staying young is about feeling young and the first way to feel young is by keeping active and motivated in your day to day life. It's so easy to become lazy and believe me you can tell by many of my blog entries that being lazy is one of my specialties. We just shouldn't be lazy all the time and the older you get the less and less lazy you should be. Continue to keep your body in shape and healthy by exercising, joining sport leagues, hiking, biking, volunteering, or just whatever interests you. It's also great to keep stimulating your mind throughout your life by things like reading, going to cultural shows, or by starting a new hobby like making crafts. I have decided that I feel strongly about this. People start feeling old and depressed when they decide to shut out the world more and more, thinking there's no more life to live when there's always something new to learn and experience.

These thoughts came to me today when we were at my uncle Don's for his annual 'Brunch before Thanksgiving party'. One of Don's co-workers, Timmy, at the station was talking about how Don runs circles around him when he's hard at work. Timmy is maybe 20 years younger than my uncle so it just amazes him how energized Don is on a daily basis. Don also reads a tremendous amount and just surrounds himself with stimulating conversation. It's just something to admire and strive to be when I am his age and older. I hope I can hold onto this new found attitude.

I'm about to go into a complete food coma. I need to seriously lay horizontal.

Good night and I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. And remember to KEEP THE ENERGY ALIVE.

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