Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mary and Max

Today I accidentally bought a movie from Comcast On Demand. I was checking out the movies they had available on the IFC in theaters section (this section contains independent films that just hit the theaters). Sometimes they include a trailer for you to see before you make a purchase. I went to a film I had never heard of called Mary and Max and somehow accidentally bought it, it cost $7.99 which is pretty pricey for us, but when your paying up to $11 per ticket in the theaters it's still an really good deal. I was in the process of calling Comcast and cancelling the order when I decided to look up the film online. It had great reviews and the trailer looked great. It was a clay animation with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette providing the voices. We decided to keep it and watched it tonight. It was really dark and beautifully animated. The story was very heartfelt. When it was over Jason and I looked at each other in amazement at how wonderful the film was. It could be too dark and sad for some folks, but if you can handle that genre it's worth a watch. Clay animation when done correctly is so visually simulating. Every detail was captured so beautifully. Mary and Max was certainly a happy accident.

Let me give you a short synopsis. Mary and Max is a story about an unlikely long distance friendship between Mary, an eight year old girl from Australia and a man named Max who's a 40 something New Yorker. They are both odd balls in their own worlds of imagination. They end of teaching each other a lot about life with their 20 + years of pen palling.

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