Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yummy Family Traditions

I'm making one of my families Polish recipes tonight, Golabkis. This is one of the recipes that was passed down from my dad's dad's family that came over from Poland. I remember loving Golabkis when I was a child and I hope to make them just as good. For anyone who doesn't know, Golabkis are ground meat, onion, rice, and tomato sauce combined and rolled up in cabbage leaves.

I love making food from my heritage. My grandfather, when he was still around, would also make homemade Polish sausage (kielbasa). My uncle Don and Allen, my brother-in-law, have both started making homemade kielbasa from the original recipe. Jason and I would love to start making it ourselves. We would need to purchase a sausage maker, but one day we'll make the investment. It's so good in the morning with beets, eggs, and home fries.

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