Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Thanks Giving

I'm not one to get all gushy at Thanksgiving. I usually hate it when I'm asked to take part in the "go around the table and say what we're thankful for" exercise. But I guess this year of positives has had an effect on me, and this year I found myself contemplating the question.

What am I thankful for?

Well, right now I'm thankful that I have a job. A good one, and one that's not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. That's gold in today's USA. And I'm thankful to have love in my life, and someone to share that (and a blog) with. I'm thankful for my health and for the relative health and well-being of nearly everyone I care about.

I'm thankful for family. For my extended family which, warts and all gets along pretty swimmingly and has always been a huge part of my life. I'm thankful that, for the most part, we've all stayed local and get together nearly as regularly as we did when I was a kid. They're the group of people I can be the most myself with, so I'm thankful that I haven't lost any of them to illness, anger, or geographical distance.

I'm thankful that all of my problems, in the grand scheme, aren't all that bad. And I'm thankful that, for the most part genetics has equipped me to handle them, and what I can't handle alone, I have people close to me that can help. I'm thankful that I'm capable of asking for help. I don't suspect I'd be nearly as happy if I couldn't. Definitely not as prosperous (it's paper prosperity right now, but prosperity all the same.)

I'm sure there's more. These are just the highlights. I'm thankful that Kate and I set our own rules when it comes to this blog and we can decide for ourselves when each entry is finished.

And this entry is finished.*

*Except to say that I'm still not a fan of going around the table. Future Thanksgiving table-mates, please reference this entry in lieu of my turn at the mic.

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