Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Break in the Clouds

There's a light breaking through what's been an overcast month. We have someone interested in renting the Stevenson Ln. house. Very interested, in fact. He loves the house, knows his wife will love it, and is very eager to end a grueling work commute, from Dover Delaware to Towson every day, four hours round trip.

I wanted to sell, but this is simply not a good market, and I can't afford to have the house sit. This opportunity seems too good to pass up. I've decided to offer him the house, assuming he passes a credit check, and assuming he's amenable to an 18 month lease. While a little unusual, I realized that 18 month lease terms would give the tenants the year they want, plus allow me, when the lease runs out to put the house on the market in May, a much more favorable time than November. That's the situation I'm in now, and the same situation I'd be in a year from now if a offer a standard year lease.

We'll see. I sent an email a few minutes ago. If he goes for the 18 months, based on my experience of him so far, I suspect we'll have a renter by Dec. 1. Hallelujah! Praise Chalmana!*

*You'll get that if you've been paying attention.

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  1. Yay...such great news!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. BTW...I was paying attention ;-)!