Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Teaching the Kids

Everyday at the daycare I try to teach each kid something new. Most of them are so young that it takes them a lot of repetition to finally get them to start doing what you were trying to teach them.

Today I taught Nina to put her toys in the trunk of the little car she rides around. Yes, it sounds very small and pointless, but to me it's just her slowly learning to take instruction and it may finally lead to her listening to my direction when I ask her to clean up her toys.

I've written about the child's mind before, but once again I want to say how much it fascinates me. They are so clueless about the world, but everyday they learn something new that will help them adapt in the real world. I'm really enjoying my job and I hope I'll be around to see these kids grow-up to be big girls and boys.

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