Saturday, November 28, 2009

Live Treats

I love when you go see one of your favorite musicians live and their opening acts end up being just as brilliant. It's truly a win-win, you discover a new amazing musician and get to see them perform live, which is like nothing else. Yes, the albums we be just fine, but hearing a band live feels so raw and intimate. When I was seeing Ani Difranco for the 3rd back in 2000, a musician named Erin McKeown opened for her and to this day Erin's album Distillation will forever be on my ipod. She just stood on stage with her acoustic guitar and played and sang her heart out, I will never forget it.

At Ingrid Michaelson's concert we did not know any opening bands were scheduled to play. But she actually ended up having 2 opening acts both ironically named Greg. First was Greg Holden from England, ladies first I must mention he was a real cutie and with that accent, oh boy. He was also a wonderfully talented lyricist and singer. Second up was Grey Laswell, who was equally as talented if not more talented. He had a very sweet, shy demeanor and his words were jarring with emotion. He was a little more earthy in his look and sound. I don't know I really liked them both for their own reasons. It was such a treat to discover them live. I can't wait to listen to there full albums.

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