Friday, November 6, 2009

A Momentous (But Ultimately Silly) Event is Coming

Next year is special. It's like hasn't been seen for 201 years, and we all, if our luck holds, will be here to witness it. What could be so special that the world so rarely get the occasion to enjoy it? In 2010, the first digits of the year are evenly divisible by the second two digits. Not since 1809 has the planet had the opportunity to celebrate this purely fictional but rare and interesting event.

Eh, I think it's cool. Is it important? No, but math geeks will surely be paying attention. It happens every 201 years and is neat purely from a rarity standpoint. Not to say that other mathematical gymnastics can't be found in other years. 2005, 1920, 1500, etc. Rarity is defined by the width of your net. But rarity makes like interesting.

And so does useless math.

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