Friday, November 6, 2009

I bow to the Amish

The Amish are amazing at making about any kind of food. I'm close to the Amish Market again now that I work in Hunt Valley. They were about to close yesterday so I went in and ordered everything for dinner from the first counter I came too. I got delicious precooked and well seasoned meatloaf, a big tub of brown sugar mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, and rice pudding for desert. Jason and I were in heaven last night. We just stuck everything in the microwave and enjoyed. I've also enjoyed their bison burgers, steak fries, chicken wings, and turkey sandwiches before. Really I don't remember getting anything there I didn't enjoy. They also produce there own candies, pies, snack foods, jams, furniture, and many many other things. They're really incredibly resourceful entrepreneurs. I would love to take a tour of there homeland in Pennsylvania one day, I bet it would be very fascinating.

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