Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dinner, Annie, and Friends

We are invited to see Jan, Jason's mom, in a musical theatre performance every year. It's part of the Goddard Space Flight Center, which is where her boyfriend, David, works. This year they put on Annie and it was the best show we've ever seen the community theatre group do. I've always been a huge fan of the movie as a child and as an adult, so I was hoping to enjoy it. They always provide a nice dinner before the show and again the dinner was the best they've ever offered. We also got to hang out with Stephanie and John all evening, which we don't do enough. It was great to see them and check up. All together everything was great and very entertaining. I really liked all the kids who performed in the show. To have or to be a talented brave kid like these were must be a wonderful thing. I wish I had had such talent growing up. I of course was too shy to even read out loud in class. I hope if and when I become a teacher I will somehow show my students that being self-conscience your whole life is no way to live. Anyways the show and dinner tonight were splendid. Jan, thanks for the tickets. You put a fabulous performance on as one of the Boylan Sisters and as part of the ensemble.

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