Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Because I'm Now Officially Pushing 40 Birthdays Don't Have to Be a Downer, Right?

It's a valid question. Tomorrow, or right now, as of about two hours ago, I'm turning 36, which makes me officially closer to 40 than 30. It's sort of shocking to me. I don't feel nearly 40, and I don't feel like I've accomplished enough in life to be locked in the big 4 - 0 countdown. But the math doesn't lie. I'm pushing 40 now and I have to accept it.

Because otherwise it just sounds awful. 40 is only ten years from 50, which is, geologically speaking, just a heartbeat away from 60. How can I almost be almost be 60? It's absurd!

So I'm trying to find the positives. The obvious angle is that, regardless of the age I'm approaching, at least I'm still approaching and achieving it. The alternative is unsavory. I'd rather be turning 40 than not aging at all, if you catch my drift.

And, at least on my Dad's side I have good genes, genes with the longevity factor switched to "maximum". My grandfather is in his 90s and is still reasonably healthy. Anne Whitehead, a Great Aunt or some similar relation on that side broke 100, healthy till the day she passed. What's more, she hated life and prayed everyday that god would pluck her up. That doesn't speak to a strong survival instinct or will-to-live, and she still managed to be a centenarian. Either she had good genes or her constant complaining annoyed her god enough that he didn't want her around and hence ignored her prayers to be smote.

I'll go with good genes. And that means that 40 may not actually be halfway to dead. I may still be on the uphill portion of my life. If that's not positive than I'm not qualified to writing on this blog.

And finally, more important than anything else, I'm pushing 40 and I still have my hair.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jason!! Don't worry about how old you'll be in the future, enjoy being 36 now. We missed you guys at Thanksgiving but look forward to seeing you at the Christmakkah party.