Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tonight has gotten away from me, and I still haven't produced an entry. So let's just leave this one short and sweet. Leprosy is something no one wants. Ever. Not once in the entirety of human history has anyone sane and not reading from a script ever uttered the phrase, "When can I get me some of that leprosy?!" It's a nasty, nasty disease with nasty consequences and an even nastier cleanup.*

So it's an extremely positive thing that very few people ever get it anymore (at least in industrialized nations) and thats it's treatable when an infection is discovered.

*I actually have no idea what really happens to patients as a result of infection. Everything I know about leprosy comes from movies, jokes I learned in elementary school, and the five minutes I just spent reading about it on Wikipedia. My first paragraph is probably way off base, but I'm going for funny, not accurate. Funny and fast.

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