Monday, November 9, 2009

A Unique Piece

I've really decided to start limiting myself with what clothes and accessories I purchase these days. If their isn't something that truly makes the product sing I'm not buying it. I need the garment to speak to me, it's got to be original and something I would wear often. The only other reason to buy something new is if your out of the mandatory things, such as plain long sleeve tees, underwear, or jeans.

Today I went and browsed DSW for shoes and TJ Max for clothes and shoes. I did not buy anything at DSW even though new black sneakers is what I really need, but again nothing really stood out to me. I went into TJ Max with the only desire to review their shoe collection, after looking I found nothing. Of course I couldn't help looking a little in the blouse and sweater aisles. I avoided all others and managed to find two beautifully unique blouses. After trying them on and a pretty green floral tank, I decided to make the purchase. I knew I loved the pieces and would most likely never find these pieces anywhere else. They just spoke to me and they fit. What's a girl to do? There's no holding back when something's so perfect.

I remember I was traveling once, maybe it was NY or Boston, and I came across this striped sweater that I absolutely loved. I held back and did not purchase it and to this day I regret that decision. I don't want any amazing find to escape me again. Of course if the product is over my budget limit than I may reconsider knowing that material items are not what keeps us alive, food, shelter, and love are what truly matter.

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