Thursday, November 19, 2009

Target -I love you!

Target is an amazing store. I just love the happy shopping mood that overpowers me when I walk in. They have almost everything and everything they do have is good quality. They have all the latest women fashions with a large sale selection. Wonderful selections in all there departments from health care to shoes to toys to home decor. I am just a huge supporter and fan.

I was invited to a work dinner tonight that started at 6:30 that was right near work, so instead of going home and coming back in an hour I instead went to Target and shopped my head off. I really don't have the money to be spending, but what's a girl to do with two and half hours to kill?! I bought holiday gifts for our three nephews which is now something off our plate. I only allowed myself to shop in the sale clothing section and bought five blouses that were all under $10. I treated myself to a new wallet and got a bunch of needed health care items including Zyrtec to relieve my allergy issues. Before I knew it I only had 15 minutes till the dinner began so I ran to check out. Yes, the bill was a little steep for my liking, but I really feel I got a lot of great things that were mostly needed. Target is a true love of mine.

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