Saturday, November 14, 2009

Improv Everywhere

I just discovered a group called Improv Everywhere, they are a musical theatre troupe that performs spontaneous musical performance acts in public places. They've done one in a food court and another one in a grocery store. The one in the grocery store is just awesome, I just love the idea of out-of-the-box art. And these guys are so musically talented and their choreography is spot on. You got to love the different reactions of all the bystanders witnessing their outburst in song and dance, it's priceless. Some people chose to just stand there in complete shock and amazement. While others start grasping the fact that it's just an act and standby enjoying the free performance. Then there are always a few that get mad at the dumb display for interrupting their busy schedules.

I personally really feel more acts like these should be put together and organized. If the act doesn't involve being as talented as these guys are than I would absolutely volunteer. Life is way to short to not allow yourself to stop and smell the flowers every so often, or in this case enjoy a spontaneous art performance.


  1. okay, that group is totally awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing. We spent our Saturday night watching this group's "performances" :) So, funny, definitely a good laugh!
    Thanks again!
    -Amy and James

  2. My take on Improv Everywhere is that they're mostly harmless, but they may have played a part in psychological warfare campaigns against certain people - and the participants would not know.