Friday, April 24, 2009

Breakfast Cereal, Not Just for Deviants Anymore

Here's an odd bit of trivia for you. John Harvey Kellogg, creator of Corn Flakes, was partly inspired by his belief that a cold, plain diet would help quell strong sexual urges. I'm not kidding. That I knew, but it gets stranger. I just learned that three of the first four cold breakfast cereals marketed commercially were invented by sanitarium operators, and one of those was also a former patient! Granula, the first ever cold cereal was created in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson, operator of the Jackson Sanitorium. Kellogg, mentioned before, creator of Granola and Corn Flakes operated the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and a former patient of his, Charles William Post, invented Grape-Nuts.

They're all a little Grape-Nuts, it sounds like. To be fair, though, sanitariums back before the turn of the century were more like health spas than nut houses. But they did have some strange "treatment" ideas. But one man's pre-turn of the century anti-viagra is another man's delicious answer to "what should I eat?"

I love cold cereal in the morning. I'm sure it's partly out of laziness. Cooking something requires effort. Cold cereal requires next to none. But I'm also a huge grains fan, so any opportunity to shovel down some wheat, rice or corn (not technically a grain, I don't think) is welcome. No sugar either, please. If I wanted dessert I'd eat pudding for breakfast. Not a bad idea, necessarily, but not what I'm looking for. I want the pure, unadulterated grain experience. Just shuck a little wheat and pour on the milk. That's breakfast.

But why limit yourself. Cold cereal makes an excellent in-a-pinch dinner, or a midnight snack. Have it for lunch, why don't ya? Think outside the cereal box. The word "breakfast" printed on the front isn't a command. It's more of a suggestion. Plus, those "urges" have a mind of their own. Better have a box of Cheerios, or your significant other, on hand at all times.

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