Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love for Chuck

Chuck is a great show; it's filled with action-packed excitement, toe curling love scenes, and many funny moments. Yes, the concept is a little far fetched and you can't help but think "really, okay I don't buy that", but seriously it doesn't matter how unbelievable the concept is because it's such a well written show. The actors are great and the character's are played out perfectly. I have a huge crush on Zachery Levi, the actor that plays Chuck. I just watched the latest episode, and next week is the 2nd Season Finale. I hope it doesn't get canceled, it unfortunately seems to be wrapping up a few too many loose ends in the plot which is making me nervous. They already took the fantastic Pushing Daisies from me, they can't take Chuck too.

The romance going on in Chuck is so powerful. They are not allowed to be together and they have only shared a few kisses, but seriously the sexual tension is out of this world. I want to thank the writers for the recent interaction between the two. I'm now impatiently waiting for the Season Finale.

Spoiler Alert. If you ever want to catch up on the show or if you've never seen it and would like to some day then I recommend not watching the below video.

Here's the latest scene from Chuck that left me hot and bothered.

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