Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thunderstorms at Night

The fact that I can write this post honestly is a positive all by itself. When our roof was leaking and we were suffering from other rain-related hardships, water from the sky was a mortal enemy. But that's all taken care of now, and I'm glad for all the obvious reasons and because it distressed me to feel angst and worry whenever a thunderstorm rolled through instead of awe and wonder.

I'm glad to say I've now returned to my prior relationship with thunderstorms, and my favorite, the late night or very early morning storm. I love waking up to the sound of thunderclaps off in the distance, lightening illuminating the room at unpredictable intervals. Being inside, in the dark while a tempest boils all around me gives me a warm, cocooned feeling. It sort of heightens the sense of safety you feel sleeping in your own bed, adding an extra, very large element that your blankets and comforters are holding at bay. I guess the widened disparity between inside and outside makes inside seem that much nicer.

Plus the accompanying thrum of rain is a soothing counterpoint to the thunder's violent outbursts. If I wake up in the midst of a pounding storm, I like to just lay there, not necessarily trying to fall back asleep. I focus on the rain sounds. All of the random drips and flows of water through tree limbs and gutters wrapped in the background hiss of the rain on the street. It's a sound that guarantees a return to sleep for me, which allows me to enjoy the occasional jolts back to wakefulness that the thunder and lightening bring.

During the day thunderstorms are mostly a bother. But the night transforms them into a wholly different experience.

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