Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Neighbor Friends

I don't want to jinx it, but yesterday I hung out with a sweet girl I met through my volleyball team who, come to find out, lives 10 or so houses down from us. Her name is Mia and her and her husband, David own the house like we do and I'm hoping we'll continue our friendship. It was our last game on Thursday so to celebrate our many losing games we went to drink together. We were talking about where we live and Mia just happen to live right down the street. It's such a small world. Oh yea, Mia is also a member of the unemployment team. So we could have been hanging out for the past couple of months if we had known.

She invited me to drink champagne over her house yesterday and I gladly agreed since I was already planning on a day of relaxation since Julianna was coming over for lunch. So Mia and I started at 11am talking and drinking and then Julianna came around 1 and we all then continued to talk and drink. We all got along so well we talked about books, sex, religion, anything you could imagine. We were all still there when Jason got home at 6:30 so he joined us so he could also meet the neighbors. It was great fun and I really think we will continue our friendship.

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