Thursday, April 30, 2009

Test Yourself

I enjoy doing personality assessment tests. 

Wow, that sounds thrilling, tell me more, Kate! 

Don't mind if I do, yesterday I had a Career Workshop at the unemployment office and we were asked to answer all these career personality questions.  Such as, Do you enjoy writing or Do you enjoy fixing things, not in that order though.  The similar questions were categorized together. My result in the end said that my #1 was Social, #2 was Artistic, and #3 was Conceptional. So I was S.A.C in that order.  He then handed out a career matching book, I looked for this combination and it equalled a Licensed Practicing Nurse.  I don't know why Artistic would be the 2nd part of a Nurse, but either way it was pretty cool.  You then were told to pick some of the careers that were under different combinations of S.A.C or to look under jobs under your first letter.  There were a lot of teaching and social worker type work.  It was interesting and a fun process.

I'm now reading a career tests book and it goes though similar processes.  Either way I feel that I will at least understand myself better after all this self-analyzing, which I feel is key to discover your true passions. 

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