Saturday, August 15, 2009

Air Conditioning, Part Two

This week I finally managed to get the security bars off of our front windows and installed the window support brace and our 10,000 BTU air conditioning unit for the first level. As a side note, the security bars were held on by security screws. Devious little bastards designed to easily screw in with a normal screwdriver, and then never come out again. Ever. I mean really. I fought with them, bought special screwdriver bits, tried stripped screw removal bits and ultimately tried drilling straight through the screw head to pop the top off. Nothing worked. The bits didn't make a dent. Eventually I broke down and called a locksmith. That worked. And getting the stupid screws out cost me more than our used, Craigslist AC unit.

But it's in now. And what a difference. Our second floor has been nice, with units in the bedroom and the computer room, and now ceiling fans thoughout. But the first floor, especially when the kitchen stove was running, or we had more than four people here, was not comfortable. The sweat ran like milk and honey during the day, and stale beer by the evening.

Those days are behind us now. It's actually almost cold on the first floor, and I'm glad to say that one unit is managing to cool the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, and the back laundry and powder rooms. It's great. I'd prefer central air, of course. But this works fine for now.

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