Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blossoming Photographer

As you already know my photography website has been launched and I'm getting great feedback from my friends and family. Jason did a wonderful job and I thank him for all his hard work.

We also worked together last night to get a new Ad posted on craigslist. It will hopefully get people checking out my website and new paid gigs will start flowing in. I'm excited to finally start getting paid for my craft, not to say that the unpaid gigs were not great learning experiences. I've gotten website comments like "looks very professional" and "your photos are amazing and different," which make me feel really good. Maybe I can do this, maybe I can be a professional photographer.

I would still like to enhance my skills in the childcare world, start getting my 90 hrs towards a certification.

I can only hope that my confidence continues to blossom and that people continue to dig my work.

Check me out at: and my ad at

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