Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gravity's Got it Wrong

This is a flight of fancy, but one that involves a real shift in consciousness. I used to do this more often, but, until this morning I can't remember the last time I entertained myself with it.

What is it, Jason? The anticipation is killing me!

Although I go to sleep on my stomach I almost always wake up on my back. And occasionally, as I lie there staring up at the ceiling I find myself imagining that gravity has gotten things wrong, and that the ceiling is actually the floor, and I and all of my belongings are stuck dangling precariously above it. I imagine that all it would take is a subtle shift in thinking and I could jump from my bed on to the "floor", and that somehow everything would be set right again. And it's interesting because, for short bursts, the illusion completes itself and for just a quick moment I feel like I really could hop down onto the ceiling.

And for that moment the whole world flips on its head and everything feels different. It almost feels like a temporary reprieve from reality. As if, by throwing off the shackles of normal gravitation, I would leave the real world behind completely. Like the rest of the world would stop, frozen in time, hanging above my head, and any explorations I made hopping and crawling around the ceiling would go unnoticed by the slumbering planet.

It's good fun. Try it sometime. You might surprise yourself.

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