Sunday, August 30, 2009

Doors Swung Open

I'm finally starting to get paid for my hard work, or at least the pay is coming shortly in some cases. I did an awesome photo shoot today with my beautiful pregnant friend, Libby. I just got done reviewing them and I'm really proud about how a few of them came out. And she ended up paying a little over what I had asked for for the work. She is such a doll and I really wish Roger and her the best.

She also set me up with a company she works for part-time called Our365 which takes photos of newborn babies when they first arrive into this world. I went for the interview and the girl loved me immediately and said that if my background check came back clean then the job is mine, which it did, and it is. It felt so good to be appreciated for just being me. It's only every other weekend, but it's something that will get me experience and get me out of the house.

I also might start selling Arbonne cosmetics. Jasmine's mom works for them and is moving to Atlanta soon with her family and offered to give me her local clients. How amazing, how everything starts coming in all at once. I feel good about everything, a little nervous, but who wouldn't be when I'm going to be entering a few different work environments all at the same time. I used to thrive off getting a bunch of gigs at a time when I was working on films in NYC, so this is no different. It should start coming naturally to me. And yes Steph, I'm scared and excited all at once! Take that.

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  1. I'm going to an Arbonne party on Tuesday evening...I've heard the line is very pricey. I'm excited, know my obession with cosmetics! All great news, congrats!