Monday, August 3, 2009

Ceiling Fans

I'm a little bit pressed for time today, so this is a (no pun intended) low hanging fruit entry.

Yesterday I nearly finished installing all of our ceiling fans. The last one requires cutting power at the panel, which I wasn't in a position to do last night. But what a difference they make. I'm sitting in the computer room, which has an AC window unit but still managed to be warm on a hot day. Adding the ceiling fan dropped the perceived temperature markedly. I'm cold right now, an experience I hadn't previously had here.

And sleeping under a ceiling fan for the first time in a while last night was a treat. Again, we have an AC unit in the room, but the cooling tends to be uneven. Sometimes you wake up sweating in the middle of the night and then, an hour later you're cold. The ceiling fan helps to mix up the air into a much more even temperature. I slept great last night.

Ceiling fans use very little electricity. So little that leaving them on all the time is a perfectly reasonable option. And given what a difference they make to our internal climate, I think we'll do just that. They're a very inexpensive way to give your house's cooling system a break and make your life much more comfortable.

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