Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comedy and Friends in NYC Part 2

The next morning Brooke was very hung over so Al, Burn, and I decided to hang out together and go to the Guggenheim Museum. Ironically a movie or TV show was being shot around the corner from Lara's Apt. I told the ladies that I would like to walk by it just to see if I know any of the crew. I got some pictures of Burn and Al with the trucks and set, but I did not see anyone I knew. It's been 5 years since I was there working so plenty of new faces were involved now. Comes to find out they were shooting the TV show, Gossip Girl.
The Gug was just 10 blocks away so it was a perfect time to walk through the city. We stopped and ate lunch outside somewhere along the way. We all ordered the same salad- it was easy, cheap, and delicious. The Gug had a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit that day and it was pretty cool to see all the existing blueprints of his creations. We also got to see some great Jackson Pollack's and Kandinsky's.

The best part about the Gug was the actual building's interior and exterior design. I got some amazing shots. We then decided it was time to get back to the Apt to see how Brooke was doing. It was already about 5pm.

When we got there Brooke was still resting. We got her butt up and decided to chill a little as we decided what we would do that evening. Brooke invited one of her comedy NY friends out with us. Her name was Alana and she was a wonderful down-to-earth lady with a fantastic energy about her. She fit right into our group and was a great addition. Brooke decided we should go to the Restaurant/Bar she used to work at, so we could see all her old co-workers. The place had a wonderful decor with great moody lighting. We sat at the bar and ordered a bunch of five dollar tapas and margaritas all around. It was Mexican cuisine. We chilled there for hours, it was great company, food, and drinks.

We left and went to the next chilled bar. It was gorgeous. Had a great outdoor ambiance, white wood benches and the lighting and energy was great. We all had champagne and listened to the crazy 90s jams coming from the bar. It was a very posh place with 90s music playing, very funny. I think I heard Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. We had some great laughs, it was wonderful not to have any worries and to just live. We traveled to a beautiful wine bar after that. We sat at the gorgeous outback deck. The owner yelled at me for taking photos of his establishment without permission. It was ridiculous. Burn and I decided to pretend we worked for Food and Wine Mag, her the journalist and me the photographer. He came over to apologize and we told him our story and he was our best friend after that and I took all the photos I wanted. We headed home after that. It was a perfect NY night.

That night and morning were not very pleasant for me. I won't go into detail, I'll just say I got very, very sick. Burn and Al left around noon to head back to Jersey to visit with family. It was so great hanging out with them, I really feel a strong connection to that whole group. I hope I get to hang with them all again soon. Thanks for all the great talks ladies! Brooke stayed with me, we got to have some one on one time. She like us all is having big life decisions to make. We got to chat about our lives. I really love her and hope the best for her. I would love for her to make it as a comic, but first and foremost I want her to be happy. I caught my bus to Baltimore at 2:15 and said my goodbyes to Brooke, who was also heading back to Jersey.

Thanks Lara for letting us all crash at your pad, you are amazing and hope we all get to do it again soon.

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