Sunday, August 2, 2009

Palpable Anticipation

This weekend is living up to its promise. Yesterday was incredibly productive. We got through all of Kate's photos and made final selects for her portfolio. I tried hanging our remaining ceiling fans but needed some screws and got stopped by the closing of Ace Hardware. No worries. They'll go in today. Kate's photo gig got rescheduled on account of rain, so we have a little more time today.

But that's not what this entry is about. It's about the palpable anticipation we both feel regarding upcoming endeavors. Getting Kate's portfolio done is breathing reality into the business. The fact that we'll finally be able to advertise for paying gigs is incredibly exciting. It makes all of her previous free gigs feel worth the effort, providing great photos for a professional portfolio. We bought the URL last night, so we should have the site live by this evening.

Plus, Kate's now firmly committed to her new career path. She's applying for substitute teaching positions as well as getting everything in place to begin training to be a full-time elementary ed teacher. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Even more so.

I'm doing web design for a few companies, and hope to expand it to more.

And, as if that's not all enough, Kate and I are going into the soap business. Why? Because we can, and because everybody needs soap. It's cheap to make, cheap to buy and a commodity that's always in demand. As I said in my last soap entry the chemistry involved is really interesting to me, and Kate is jazzed about cooking up new scent combinations. We've been spitballing ideas for names, products, marketing plans, etc. I bought a few soap-making books from Amazon, which should be arriving Monday. Then the experimenting begins. I'm sure we're months off from having anything to sell, but the excitement has already arrived.

Here's a contest. Send us your ideas for soap company names. They can be serious, funny, light-hearted, witty...whatever. If we pick your name you'll get a whole raft of free soap...when that soap gets made, whenever that is.*

There's a lot of good, new stuff cooking at the Karbownibloom household. Our philosophy? Throw as many balls into the air as possible and see which ones get caught.

*Raft meaning, "a sizable quantity". You will not be receiving a rubberized rowboat full of soap. That's both dangerous for the soap and a quantity far to sizable for us to give away.

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  1. A soap business ... wow ... I'll ahve to think on a name. :) That was quite unexpected, but I wish you the best of luck. Just don't make it smell like Irish spring ... makes me gag since being prego.