Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Midnight

Missy, Blackness, Lady of the Night, Queenie, Ladycakes,- these are only a few of the names we call my dear cat, Midnight. She is a doll these days. She can always get a little moody if you pet her the wrong way, but really she's just playing. She's started following me around the house during the day, sometimes because she's out of food, but most of the time she just wants to be near her mommy. When I work out downstairs, she sits on the couch or ground 3 ft away and just watches me. She is just the sweetest doll-baby or should I call her doll-lady, since she's almost 16 years old. I wish she could live forever, but I know she's on to her final lives. I love you sweet black lady of the night, My Midnight.

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